The Characters:

Holly Perkins, CSCS
Location: Los Angeles
CSCS, Fitness Expert, New Balance Fitness Ambassador, Promax DO'er, kale advocate.

Caroline Rothstein
Location: Brooklyn, New York
NYC-based writer, performer, & eating disorder recovery advocate.

Dr. Terry Simpson
Location: Phoenix, AZ and everywhere
This dr spends more time teaching patients to cook than doing surgery. Surgeon, skeptic, dad

Gabrielle Bernstein
Location: NYC
New York Times bestselling author, named a new thought leader by Oprah. Youtube next vlogger. Founder of

Mark Hyman, M.D.
Location: Lenox, MA
6X NY Times bestseller. Mark Hyman, M.D. dedicated to transforming healthcare. Tackling the root causes of chronic illness through functional medicine. THRIVE!

Derek Flanzraich
Location: Too Close to Shake Shack, NYC
ceo & founder of @Greatist. tweets on living the life we champion + being a startup founder. fan of theme parks & theme bars. #imagreatist

Angela Shelton

Twitter: @angelashelton

Dr. Lisa Ganjhu

Twitter: @DrLisaGanjhu


Twitter: @pablos

Jesse Schenker

Twitter: @JBSchef

IG: ProjectLegacy215

Twitter: @JustGregPoet

Patsy Catsos, MS, RD

Twitter: @CatsosIBSFreeRD

Chris Brogan

Twitter: @chrisbrogan

AJ Jacobs

Twitter: @ajjacobs

Dr. Stephen Gullo

Twitter: @DrStephenGullo

Dr. Kevin Jardine

Twitter: @DrKJardine

Duke Medicine

Twitter: @Duke_Medicine

Shalhavit Simcha C

Twitter: @ShalhavitSimcha

Tara Stiles

Twitter: @TaraStiles

Sadie Kurzban

Twitter: @SadieKurzban

Hemi Weingarten

Twitter: @HemiW

Eric Weaver

Twitter: @Weave

Dr. Kevin Campbell

Twitter: @DrKevinCampbell

Paul Williams

Twitter: @IMPaulWilliams

Michael A. Weiss

Twitter: @HospitalPatient

Maya Sabot Paveza

Twitter: @mayaREguru

Andres O Vazquez

Twitter: @fit911pr

Ariel Daunay

Twitter: @arieldaunay


Twitter: @Fooducate

Jennifer Wilkov

Twitter: @JenniferWilkov


Twitter: @Withings

Christin Miserandino

Twitter: @bydls

Colleen Newvine

Twitter: @cnewvine

Peter Pelberg

Twitter: @PTPells

Wendy Nguyen

Twitter: @wdot

Jennifer Iannolo

Twitter: @foodphilosophy

Charlie Seltzer

Twitter: @drcharlies

Chelsea Roff

Twitter: @ChelseaRoff

Mark Belinsky

Twitter: @mbelinsky

Meghan Telpner

Twitter: @MeghanTelpner

Debbie Lyons-Blythe

Twitter: @DebbieLB

Marianna Limbach

Twitter: @u2mari

Ted Rubin

Twitter: @TedRubin

Dan Myers

Twitter: @dmy25

Malcolm Needle

Twitter: @Malsethneedle

Jeffrey Sass

Twitter: @sass

Myrdin Thompson

Twitter: @MyrdinJT

Rev. Deborah Roth

Twitter: @CoachDebRoth

Katherine K Leon

Twitter: @katherinekleon

Ann Douglas

Twitter: @anndouglas

Maya Melata

Twitter: @MayaMelata

Carrie Mess

Twitter: @DairyCarrie

Lori Shemek PhD, CNC

Twitter: @LoriShemek

Khadijah M. Britton

Twitter: @KMBTweets

Brian Loew

Twitter: @BrianLoew

Nataly Kogan

Twitter: @natalykogan

Stephanie Pedersen

Twitter: @StPedersen

Deborah Newman

Twitter: @debnewman

Tal Givoly

Twitter: @givoly

Katy Kelley

Twitter: @katykelley

Wellthily, Co.

Twitter: @Wellthily

Nancy Wolfson-Moche

Twitter: @Nancy_Moche

Zoltan Becsak

Twitter: @AskZoltan

Eliot LeBow LCSW

Twitter: @DiabeticTalks

Holly Pavlika

Twitter: @HollyPavlika

Jacqueline Carly

Twitter: @jcqly

Mark D DeLacure, MD

Twitter: @delacure

Danielle Posa

Twitter: @danielleposa

Jill Hanner

Twitter: @jillhanner

Anthony Massucci

Twitter: @hianthony

92nd Street Y

Andia Winslow

Twitter: @AndiaWinslow

Janice Person

Twitter: @JPlovesCOTTON

yonit bar

Twitter: @_yonit

Amy Larrimore

Twitter: @AmyAllStar

Matthew Ebel

Twitter: @matthewebel

Hu Kitchen

Twitter: @HuKitchen

Lauren Pulver

Twitter: @matzlema

Rossana Wyatt

Twitter: @RossanaWyatt

Cara Natterson

Twitter: @CaraNatterson

Rob Rosenthal

Twitter: @ShortOrderDad

MissNJ International

Twitter: @GFJenna

Heather Frey

Twitter: @SmashFit

Mark Anthony McCray

Twitter: @LiveBIGDieEmpty

KishaLynn Elliott

Twitter: @CoachKishaLynn

Jeff Keni Pulver

Twitter: @jeffpulver

Sayantani DasGupta

Twitter: @Sayantani16

Anna OBrien

Twitter: @AnnaOBrien

Shannon Kadlovski

Twitter: @ShannonKad

Melody Wilding

Twitter: @MelodyWilding

carrie kerpen

Twitter: @carriekerpen

Jose Alvear

Twitter: @jalvear

Tash Jefferies

Twitter: @YourTash
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